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NEMT Training Videos

Hey NEMT Fam! Below you will find my training videos on different NEMT topics. 

Some of the videos are playbacks from the various live sessions I have conducted, and others are videos that focus on a specific NEMT topics.

Be sure to check them out, and please leave me some feedback on any topics that you'd like for me to cover!

Mentorship & Consulting Services

Here is a video that details each tier of mentoring and consulting services that I offer for those looking to start an NEMT business. I also cover my 'Business in a Box' package in which I get you going with the set up of your business, and contract approval with 2 brokers. A guaranteed return on your investment within your first week of business.

How to Market for Private Pay (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a 2 part series where I discuss strategies for you to market for private pay clients and contracts.

How to Market for Private Pay (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2 part series where I discuss strategies for you to market for private pay clients and contracts.

What Software Do You Need to Run Your NEMT Business?

Within this video I discuss the different types of software that you need to run operate your NEMT business efficiently outside of routing software.

NEMT Customer Service Tips

Within this video I discuss things you or your dispatch staff should be doing during pre-anthem calling, driver protocol during transit, and much more!

How to Secure a Wheelchair Client

Within this tutorial I am accompanied by one of our lovely clients whom was so willing to allow us to use her for this video. This tutorial will give you an overview of how the process of securing a wheelchair client within your vehicle should go.

DISCLAIMER: All clients utilized for tutorials have signed a media release consent form in which they agreed to publishing prior to filming.

How to Select a Wheelchair Van

Within this video I breakdown the doorway dimension sizes, pros and cons of purchasing from a certified dealer versus a private dealer, and much much more. Whether you are purchasing your first wheelchair van or adding to your fleet, there is something for everyone to learn within this video!

How to Get in Contact & Services Offered

Since starting my channel focused on assisting beginning NEMT providers, many of you have reached out. I composed this video to provide an overview on how you can get in contact with me directly, and the services that I currently offer.

How Often Should You Get Vehicle Maintenance 

Within this video I discuss a reasonable timeline in which you should be getting your fleet vehicles serviced

How to Get the Most Out of Your Payroll

When it comes to bringing on staff, you want to ensure that you are getting the most reward from your payroll budget. Within this video I discuss several task to have your drivers complete during downtime while they are on the road, and why this is important.

How to Pick a Driver for Your NEMT Company

Within this video I dive into some of the things to look out for on your search of hiring drivers for your company. What background experience are you requiring for your drivers? How will you screen candidates? What qualifications and requirements must applicants have to be considered for employment with your company? We dive into it all!

How to Host New Driver Orientation

Within this video we jump into onboarding new drivers by hosting an orientation session. There are 3 sections to this video

1. Pre-orientation:

2. During orientation

3. Post orientation 

How Does Having a Team Reduce Stress?

Owner burnout is a real thing, but having a team has helped me tremendously to scale, and gain a sense of balance to my personal life. Check out this video to learn how having a team reduces stress, and allows you to bring in more money for your business!

How to Get an NEMT Broker Contract?

Within this video I outline how to obtain an NEMT broker contract. We explore topics such as how to get prepared, things to look out for, how to negotiate rates, and an array of other pertinent information that is related to NEMT broker contract approval.

How I Started My NEMT Company

Within this video I dive into how I started my NEMT company. Some of the topics covered in this video are:

1. How much money did I start my business with?

2. How profitable this business has the potential to be?

3. When did I know it was time to scale?

 ...and so much more! I pray you enjoy the journey and are able to take away whatever gems you may need!

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